Yoga is the Fountain of Youth, Unless You’re Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston Yoga The Bounty Hunter flop aged out

After the flop of the romantic comedy, The Bounty Hunter, Hollywood’s hyenas are ripping into Jennifer Aniston’s career. One film critic who didn’t want to be named told Page Six,”Aniston just can’t play the good friend anymore. She’s aged out, no matter the yoga and the highlights. She just can’t do America’s sweetheart next door. She needs a big wake-up call.” Ouch! Hopefully Aniston’s practice has made her so flexible that she doesn’t get bent out of shape from the harsh truth.


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3 responses to “Yoga is the Fountain of Youth, Unless You’re Jennifer Aniston

  1. hopesprings

    I *know* that it *shouldn’t* matter but I have a hard time taking anything or any post seriously when there’s such a glaring spelling mistake right there in the title of the post. It’s “you’re” as in the contraction for “you are” and not “your” which denotes possession. That said, I think that Aniston does not have the acting chops to really stretch herself but if she allows the reflection and self awareness that yoga can actually bring to do its magic, she might have a chance at trying out the small, quiet parts that could showcase what talent she does have.

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