Hot and Sweaty Links

yoga backbend yoga poses flexible Betsey Johnson bodysuit, Volcom bikini top “Bendy” by Jason Nocito via Tiny Vices

This Is Terrible, You Should Watch It of the Day: The Trouble With Harry Potter (The Daily What)

Sexual Abuse, Brainwashing, Corruption and Yoga! (Yoga Dork)

The Return of Master Celebutard Brandon Davis (Agent Bedhead)

My Girlfriend Seduced Me Into Yoga Class. Love Ensued. And Then We Broke Up.  (Elephant Journal)

Madonna Linked to African Sweatshop (Celeb Jihad)

Yoga for Waitresses (The Joy of Yoga)

No, Rihanna Wasn’t Kidding with this Outfit (Amy Grindhouse)

The Back Row: It’s Way More Fun to Be a Hater (Fucked at the Ballet)

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