New Product: Fangtastik® “True Blood” Stain Remover Sucks Blood Off Fabrics

Fangtastik Stain Fighter for True Blood Vampire Strength Detergent for Snookie Stackhouse

Thanks to Fangtastik® Sookie Stackhouse no longer worries about replacing her blood soaked clothes on a waitress’s salary. With the stain fighting powers in Fangtastik®, garments can last an eternity instead of succumbing to set-in blood stains. Fangtastik® with Vampire Power sucks blood off fabrics and brings clothes back to life.

Clean up after the last bite:

Fangtastik true blood stain remover sookie stackhouse anna paquin vampires HBOFangtastik True Blood Stain Remover Eric Northman Viking Vampire Alexander Skarsgård

Look for ways to win free Fangtastik® during “True Blood” episodes on HBO on Sunday nights.


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