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Gisele Bundchen Does Unidentified Yoga Pose in Vogue

Gisele Bundchen April 2010 Vogue Magazine yoga pose

It’s hard not to be impressed with Gisele Bundchen after reading the April issue of Vogue. The supermodel is saving forests, rivers, empowering teenage girls and launching a natural beauty line, Sejaa.Ā  She also squeezed out quarterback Tom Brady’s newest son into a bathtub and then cooked dinner before popping into downward dog. If it wasn’t for the above feature photo, I might have believed that the Amazon beauty was as perfect as the glossy magazine she appeared in. Alas, alignment tells all and Gisele’s left hip is lifting way too high. It’s hard to know if she is doing standing bow or dancer’s pose. Did Gisele forsake her Anusara practice to please Anna Wintour by opening up to the side and showing more of her body in the ivory Bottega Veneta cotton-crepe jumpsuit?

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