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Swami in a Loincloth Lunges Into Indian Politics: Fights Corruption and “Cures” Gays with Yoga

Swami Ramdev, Indian yoga guru  antigay cleanse gays breathing exercises

Swami Ramdev is India’s version of Richard Simmons. Instead of an afro and bedazzled red short shorts, Baba Ramdev sports a bushy beard and a saffron loincloth on his Sweatin’ to the Oldies (ancient Indian yoga asanas) campaign to “whip India into shape.” Ramdev’s believes that yoga and pranayama can cure an array of diseases, homosexuality (Richard Simmons would never say that about gays!) and now political corruption. The New York Times reported earlier this week that Ramdev is launching a political party “that would field candidates for each of the 543 parliamentary seats in India’s next general election in 2014.”

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“Face Down, Ass Up:” American Apparel Gets in Downward Dog

American Apparel Dance Ad Campaign Goes to Yoga Class Upwarddog Downward dog hot ass
American Apparel understands that flaunting a tight ass in a yoga pose is the way to sell spandex to the masses. If only AA grasped the importance of alignment in asanas. The Yoga Doctor and I desperately want to step into the photo and roll the model’s shoulders back in upward dog to open her chest. The poor thing may be beautiful, but her hamstrings are too tight to do a good downward dog. Oh American Apparel details matter. Luckily, improper yoga alignment won’t cost you like using Woody Allen’s image, without his permission, on a billboard.

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Recessionistas Spend Millions on Lululemon Yoga Pants

Lululemon Groove Yoga Pants

This week Lululemon Athletica posted more than double fourth quarter earnings compared to last year’s results. Clearly, the knowledge that Lulus will always wick away the moisture, lift your ass and never give you a camel toe has convinced countless yogis that buying 100 dollar yoga pants is essential. Admittedly, putting together the money for a pair of Groove pants isn’t easy, especially when you’re on unemployment, but no one said that the path to enlightenment was going to be easy.


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