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New Product: Fangtastik® “True Blood” Stain Remover Sucks Blood Off Fabrics

Fangtastik Stain Fighter for True Blood Vampire Strength Detergent for Snookie Stackhouse

Thanks to Fangtastik® Sookie Stackhouse no longer worries about replacing her blood soaked clothes on a waitress’s salary. With the stain fighting powers in Fangtastik®, garments can last an eternity instead of succumbing to set-in blood stains. Fangtastik® with Vampire Power sucks blood off fabrics and brings clothes back to life.

Clean up after the last bite:

Fangtastik true blood stain remover sookie stackhouse anna paquin vampires HBOFangtastik True Blood Stain Remover Eric Northman Viking Vampire Alexander Skarsgård

Look for ways to win free Fangtastik® during “True Blood” episodes on HBO on Sunday nights.


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“Face Down, Ass Up:” American Apparel Gets in Downward Dog

American Apparel Dance Ad Campaign Goes to Yoga Class Upwarddog Downward dog hot ass
American Apparel understands that flaunting a tight ass in a yoga pose is the way to sell spandex to the masses. If only AA grasped the importance of alignment in asanas. The Yoga Doctor and I desperately want to step into the photo and roll the model’s shoulders back in upward dog to open her chest. The poor thing may be beautiful, but her hamstrings are too tight to do a good downward dog. Oh American Apparel details matter. Luckily, improper yoga alignment won’t cost you like using Woody Allen’s image, without his permission, on a billboard.

(via Elephant Journal)


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Recessionistas Spend Millions on Lululemon Yoga Pants

Lululemon Groove Yoga Pants

This week Lululemon Athletica posted more than double fourth quarter earnings compared to last year’s results. Clearly, the knowledge that Lulus will always wick away the moisture, lift your ass and never give you a camel toe has convinced countless yogis that buying 100 dollar yoga pants is essential. Admittedly, putting together the money for a pair of Groove pants isn’t easy, especially when you’re on unemployment, but no one said that the path to enlightenment was going to be easy.


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