Swami in a Loincloth Lunges Into Indian Politics: Fights Corruption and “Cures” Gays with Yoga

Swami Ramdev, Indian yoga guru  antigay cleanse gays breathing exercises

Swami Ramdev is India’s version of Richard Simmons. Instead of an afro and bedazzled red short shorts, Baba Ramdev sports a bushy beard and a saffron loincloth on his Sweatin’ to the Oldies (ancient Indian yoga asanas) campaign to “whip India into shape.” Ramdev’s believes that yoga and pranayama can cure an array of diseases, homosexuality (Richard Simmons would never say that about gays!) and now political corruption. The New York Times reported earlier this week that Ramdev is launching a political party “that would field candidates for each of the 543 parliamentary seats in India’s next general election in 2014.”

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Yoga Anywhere, Anytime: Peeing in Public Restrooms

chair pose utkatasana Yoga Poses Asanas peeing in gross public bathroomsIllustration by Yael Abramowitz

Instead of popping a squat over the nasty public restroom bowl, go into Chair Pose. Keep your tushy pristine from pee on the seat and strengthen your ankles, thighs, calves and spine while emptying your bladder in Utkatasana. For shy pee-ers, turning public potty time into a mini yoga practice will allow them to relax and feel balanced so they can let the flow go.

Don’t forget to flush — if it’s gross come into Utthita Hasta Padangusthasana I (Extended Hand to Big Toe Pose) and hit the toilet lever with your foot as you lower it to the floor with an exhale.

If you sprinkle when you tinkle, please be neat and wipe the seat.

More Yoga Anywhere, Anytime: Getting Arrested


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Hot and Sweaty Links

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“Face Down, Ass Up:” American Apparel Gets in Downward Dog

American Apparel Dance Ad Campaign Goes to Yoga Class Upwarddog Downward dog hot ass
American Apparel understands that flaunting a tight ass in a yoga pose is the way to sell spandex to the masses. If only AA grasped the importance of alignment in asanas. The Yoga Doctor and I desperately want to step into the photo and roll the model’s shoulders back in upward dog to open her chest. The poor thing may be beautiful, but her hamstrings are too tight to do a good downward dog. Oh American Apparel details matter. Luckily, improper yoga alignment won’t cost you like using Woody Allen’s image, without his permission, on a billboard.

(via Elephant Journal)


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Yoga is the Fountain of Youth, Unless You’re Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston Yoga The Bounty Hunter flop aged out

After the flop of the romantic comedy, The Bounty Hunter, Hollywood’s hyenas are ripping into Jennifer Aniston’s career. One film critic who didn’t want to be named told Page Six,”Aniston just can’t play the good friend anymore. She’s aged out, no matter the yoga and the highlights. She just can’t do America’s sweetheart next door. She needs a big wake-up call.” Ouch! Hopefully Aniston’s practice has made her so flexible that she doesn’t get bent out of shape from the harsh truth.


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Hot and Sweaty Links

Bikram yoga man standing on girl Yoga Poses Paschimottanasana  Seated Forward Bendphoto via i am bored

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Don’t Be a Slave to the Scale (Pumpone)

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Yoga Anywhere, Anytime: Getting Arrested

Reverse Prayer Yoga Pashchima Namaskarasana Yoga Everywhere Yogi Arrested Hot Yoga Girl Yoga Illustration Yoga Drawings Yael AbramowitzIllustration by Yael Abramowitz

Something to ponder if you’re headed to the clink . . .

The most profound benefit of yoga and meditation for me has been a natural relaxing into my life. Obstacles are not so scary. I am more fluid, more curious, and at the same time more patient. I have more options for happiness because I don’t require specific conditions. It is a relief to discover that I can be happy even if the world doesn’t revolve around me or my agenda. – Cyndi Lee, founder OM Yoga Center

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