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How Hard is It to Find Obnoxious Hipster Photos? Pretty Hard, if You’re ‘Hipster Yoga’

Hipster Yoga Reverse Warrior Pose Look at the Fucking Hipster LATFH photo rip off

Don’t those pictures on Hipster Yoga look familiar? It’s like you’ve seen those chain-smoking, PBR guzzlers with the tattoos and facial hair before. And you have, but that guy in “Mountain Pose” with the mustache wasn’t on the L Train or in your yoga class (hipsters don’t exercise).  He’s actually Look at the Fucking Hipster‘s featured douchebag from more than a year ago. The “Bird of Paradise” sporting the fur coat is from LATFH‘s April 22, 2009 post. While the explanations of modified asanas are funnier than any caption on LATFHHipster Yoga‘s attempt to pass the shots off as their own – affixing its own watermark on images ripped from LATFH‘s user generated gallery – makes them the ultimate poseur.

LATFH Look At the Fucking Hipster Hipster Yoga Reverse Warrior Look at that Fucking Hipster Hipster Yoga Reverse Warrior Pose copyright pictures


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