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Yoga Anytime, Anywhere: Watching Treme

Yoga Anywhere, Anytime: Agnistambhasana Fire Log PoseIllustration by Yael Abramowitz

The best way to enjoy David Simon’s Treme is to get off the couch and do some hip openers. Stretch your hips and groins in Agnistambhasana and let go of your Sunday night stress (my yoga teacher always says “they aren’t child bearing hips they are stress bearing hips). Feel tension building from watching the recreated tough times in post-Katrina New Orleans? Then go deeper into the pose by folding forward on the exhale. Don’t round your back as you place the popcorn bowl in front of your stacked shins and remember to press through your heels and spread your toes. When you are done with both sides you’ll be ready to swing to that New Orleans music.


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