“Face Down, Ass Up:” American Apparel Gets in Downward Dog

American Apparel Dance Ad Campaign Goes to Yoga Class Upwarddog Downward dog hot ass
American Apparel understands that flaunting a tight ass in a yoga pose is the way to sell spandex to the masses. If only AA grasped the importance of alignment in asanas. The Yoga Doctor and I desperately want to step into the photo and roll the model’s shoulders back in upward dog to open her chest. The poor thing may be beautiful, but her hamstrings are too tight to do a good downward dog. Oh American Apparel details matter. Luckily, improper yoga alignment won’t cost you like using Woody Allen’s image, without his permission, on a billboard.

(via Elephant Journal)


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3 responses to ““Face Down, Ass Up:” American Apparel Gets in Downward Dog

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  2. Proper yoga pose or not, I wouldn’t mind her downward dogging in my lips! Ha-yo! No, but seriously, I need to start doing yoga again. It’s so therapeutic, and it leaves my body toned, yet lean. Can’t argue with that! šŸ™‚

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